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At initsspot.com we try to provide you multiple material choices that not only fit your style, but also fit the need for the space they are occupying! Our shop by material category includes products in every category that fits the description. For example, if a product has metal and wood components, you'll find that item in both categories.

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The fabric category consists of products that are made totally of fabric, or fabric is one of the materials used in its construction.


For the eco-conscious consumer that wants to support green living, this shop by material category can only get larger in the future as more and more manufacturers are seeing its benefits. Look for more bamboo materials in the future!

Metal and Iron

Adding pieces of metal and/or iron among your home furnishings provides a unique look to your style. All of our metal and iron products provide storage, display and/or conceal features for your home.


Products that reside on your patio need to be made of a durable, weather resistant material. Our resin options were manufactured for outside durability. Use the shop by material category to check out our resin options!


Wood products fill nearly every home in America, it wouldn't be home without it! Of course we provide you with a variety of color options to help you make the right selection!