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White Decor

White represents new beginnings and a clean slate so to speak and implies organization. White goes with everything. Having white decor items in your bathroom, bedroom, livingroom, or dining room enables you to decorate in a variety of styles. We have a pretty good selection of white decor items we think you'll like, and of course we will be adding more all the time so check back often. One thing we'd like you to note, is that while most of our items are stark white, we do lump a few off-white items in this category. Please read our descriptions carefully. You may also notice our black sheep because it stands out like a sore thumb. This item is offered in white and of course we can only choose one photo to display, it just happens to be the black one showing. Please forgive us.

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Bamboo Corner Shelf Bamboo Corner Shelf
Our Price: $68.95
Kitchen Trolley Kitchen Table Trolley
Our Price: $100.95
​Frosted Glass Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Our Price: $110.95
wall cabinet with drawers Nantucket Wall Cabinet
Our Price: $120.95
Shelf Cabinet Nantucket Shelf Cabinet
Our Price: $145.95
Bathroom Wall Cabinet Bathroom Wall Cabinet
Our Price: $145.95
Decorative Cabinet Meadow Lane Cabinet
Our Price: $170.95
Linen Cabinet Linen Cabinet
Our Price: $280.95
Hallway Table Bayside Console Table
Our Price: $341.95

White or Off-White?

Rather than create a separate category for a couple of items we have in off-white, we chose to place them all under this one category. One example of our off-white item is the Linen Cabinet.